Welcome to Haven House Sober Living Apartments

Haven House Sober Living Apartments provides a next generation solution to those in the recovery community looking for a smooth transition from sober living, sober homes, or rehabilitation. HHSLA is apartment style, allowing each his or her own private room.

All of the apartments are in the same building to create a communal attitude and peer-to-peer networking. There is a 90 day minimum sobriety requirement for residency in order to maintain an atmosphere of stability.

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“It’s heart warming to know there are people in this world like you”

"Thank you for helping my son to fly away from your nest and for all that you provide, all the suppo


“I never could have imagined you & Haven House would change my life and perception so drastically.”

"Thank you for everything!!! When I met you at the baggage claim at LAX, I never could have imagined


“No one has ever reached out to me like you have”

"No one has ever reached out to me like you have just want you to know it's very much appreciated, I